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DMJAM #2 Weddings Gone Wrong

During the first 2 weeks of June 2018 contestants from all over the world joined the second Dungeon Master Jam. An adventure design contest, the theme of the contest was 'Wedding Gone Wrong'. This bundle is the result of that competition. 8 adventures (129 pages) for you to enjoy. My adventure in the bundle is:

Something Blue

A troubling vision foretells death and ruin at a royal wedding. Adventurers are called for by the blind warrior queen—to save her daughter and her queendom! A thrilling adventure with ancient gold, a ring hot from the forge, borrowed magic, and a necromancer who sings the blues.
An adventure for 5th level Players.

Love Bites

A Valentine's Day inspired adventure designed to work well as an introduction to the Dungeons & Dragons game. Guidance is included for running the adventure for a single person or a group of Tier 1 or Tier 2 characters. Perfect for a D&D Date Night.

Solstice Shenanigans

A winter-holiday inspired adventure designed to work as a break from an ongoing campaign. The winter holiday season is over, but the fun continues! Comes with a whole pack of maps and tokens that can be printed or used digitally. Now with printable paper minis too!

Other Products

The Impostor

A new class capable of filling in for any role, with five subclasses.

Body, Mind & Soul

Three new Riddle options for The Ravager: Flesh, Spirit, and Thought. Some ravagers feel they need no more than their fists and feet to find the answer they seek. Those who follow the Riddle of Flesh are masters of unarmed combat. The divine touches all things. Ravagers who follow the Riddle of Spirit embrace this connection and use it along with their Momentum to enforce the will of the gods. Momentum is not just a physical phenomenon. Those who follow the Riddle of Thought have discovered methods of exerting their will over more than just the physical realm. They use their Momentum to perform incredible psionic feats.

The Book of Beastlings

A new fey-touched lineage of anthropomorphic animals with over 130 ancestries, and several racial feats. From aardvarks to zebras, with a second volume planned if the first is successful.

Domains of Duality

Four new Divine Domain options for clerics: Abundance, Famine, Pestilence, and Purity. This supplement started as Domains of the Apocalypse, and I was going to include some more apocalyptic variants of the War and Death Domains, but I'm a big fan of exploring duality and opposites. So, in the end, once I had Famine and Pestilence mostly squared away, I just couldn't resist making conflicting domains for them. Thus, Abundance and Purity were born.

Primordial Patrons

Four new otherworldly patrons for warlocks. The Ancestors patron lets you channel the power of your heritage, the Everstorm patron connects you to a powerful sentient storm, the Formless patron grants you the power of oozes, and the Mother Fungus lets you branch out to harness the power of fungus.

Magic of Identity

Four new arcane traditions for wizards. Hematurgy unlocks the power of blood, Leximancy explores the power of words, numerology plays with the power of numbers, and Signumancy utilizes the power of sigils and signs.

The Ravager

A new class based around a Momentum mechanic, with three subclasses and a selection of magic items.

Bites, Burns & Black Magic

A trio of Bard College options. The College of Serpents can poison or charm their foes, the College of Souls can animate their fallen foes to aid them, and the College of Zingers can use their words as weapons to turn the attacks and even magic of their enemies back on them!

The Copper Sanctum's
Textless Character Sheet 3x5

TCSx2 for short. A character sheet for everywhere. Fold it up to the size of a 3x5 card without losing out on anything important. Textless, with intuitive iconography to help you keep all the numbers straight.

The Copper Sanctum's
Textless Character Sheet 8.5x11

A standard-sized version of my TCSx2. For those who prefer pictures, but still want something traditional.

Coming Soon

A Fungus Among Us: The Mystery of Moonthistle Isle

Missing ships and magic items lead the party to Moonthistle Isle, a former tropical paradise and home to a corrupted Mother Fungus. A Fungus Among Us is a multiple session adventure for 11th-15th level characters with special guidance for multiple methods of play.

More Subclasses

While I haven't got the titles for the supplements finalized at all yet, I can tease that I'm working on several subclasses for the rest of the classes not yet represented, including a Thug roguish archetype, the barbarian Path of the Quiet Riot, the monk's Way of the Heavenly Fist and Way of Harmonious Spirit, several domains for clerics, and a Fiendish Heritage bloodline for sorcerers.

The Carnival Codex

Rules for twenty fun carnival games, a dozen new subclasses (one for each base class), ten entertaining magic items, eight fun carnival foods (some with extra effects), two new background options, and a carnival adventure featuring several new creatures!

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