Welcome to The Copper Sanctum

The Copper Sanctum is my little sanctuary on the internet. I'm I F Evans (they/them) and I make things for D&D. I've been playing and DMing for over 20 years and have a BS in Game Art and Design.

Solstice Shenanigans was my first public release on the DM's Guild in December of 2017 and it joined the ranks of the Silver Best Sellers within a week of release. Since then, it acheived gold during the 2018 holiday season, hit platinum in late 2019, and hit mithral during the 2021 holiday season. My next release was Love Bites, a Valentine's Day inspired adventure set in the land of Chult. Since then, I've released a bunch of other supplements. I'll have several archetypes for each class released by around the start of August 2023. You can find more info and links on the Adventures page.

I'm in the process of creating several procedural NPC and setting generators in addition to a few other projects. I've used many generators in the past, and I always felt like there was something lacking. I mean no offense to any of the creators of them, but I'm striving to create more than just a generator. I want to make something that will inspire great stories at your table. My goal is to create the best generators possible. A lot of my "generator energy" has wound up being put into various projects with the Avrae Discord Bot. If you use Avrae, join the Avrae Development server and check out the !gen alias (along with a ton of others, but that's my generator alias). I'm not especially active on the Avrae server anymore though.

Not Another Tavern Generator is in Beta! If you find any bugs or have any questions or comments, you can find me on Twitter by hitting the logos. If you like what I'm doing and want to see more from me sooner, buy me a coffee. And go check out what else is on the DM's Guild and support small creators!

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